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Best Squirrel Trap

best squirrel trap

Scientists Share Their Tips on How to Trap a Squirrel

The USA's tree squirrels include mostly gray and fox squirrels. Being nice and amusing in the wild, they can become pests when settled in towns and suburbs.

South Coast Research and Extension Center adviser Niamh Quinn states that there are a few lethal ways to rid tree squirrels. They must be set in a manner that doesn't pose a danger to other animals.

Homeowners may run into problems when they use live-catch or cage traps. After a squirrel has been caught, you should either release it or euthanize the animal. To do the latter, you will need a permit. Live cages are generally more humane than live ones, and this allows squirrels to be controlled. But, don't use the live cages during the breeding season to ensure that young squirrels do not go missing from their mother.

best squirrel trap

The 8 Rules to Set Traps: How does it Work?

Each best squirrel trap has its own peculiarities but, at the same time, there are common rules for setting any kind of trap. Let's take a closer look at the traps from each angle.

Rule number 1. First, determine the routes that squirrels use to travel. If the trap remains unnoticed by the critters, all your efforts will be futile. Once, you have detected the routes, set traps close to them. Here is a hint rooftops and trees are the places most frequented by squirrels.

Rule #2. You should erect small fencing or something similar to help direct the animal toward the trap.

Rule 3. Rule #3.

Rule number 4. Since even the

How To Trap A Squirrel According To Scientists

">best squirrel trap can be easily overturned or displaced, it is crucial to tightly secure the device. If traps are to be placed on elevated surfaces, they should always be secured tightly.


Rule #5. Rule #5. Traps placed on trees must be directed towards the trunks.

Rule 6. The most effective foot-hold traps can be set on L-shaped wooden boards that are attached to the tree trunk.


best squirrel trap

Comparison Table Of Squirrel Traps Effectiveness

Pros and Cons of each type of trap

The squirrel's body is concealed. The danger. The natural attraction for squirrels to it. Durable. Made out of 21 gauge steel Effectiveness: 10 Requires baits. You must check it often. Science recommends the trap of the pricy Conibear. It is a body grasping trap. Instantly kills. Cheap. Effectiveness: 9 The right approach is essential to make your product or service effective. It can prove dangerous to children.

Gopher choker can also make this type of box trap. This is a cheap option. Effectiveness: 7 Must be baited.

It is the most compassionate. A scientific study proved it to be effective. The effectiveness of the product must be regularly checked. Durable.

Widely used. Can be used without a bait. This is a cheap option. Effectiveness: 7 Less effective than a live cage trap.

TOP 8 Best SquirrelTraps Reviews Check out our reviews of the best traps available. Here are several choices that scientists recommend as being the most effective ways to eliminate squirrels. There are three types of live-catch traps: a standard one for humans, a multi-catch trap, or a small plastic cage trap. Among the lethal traps, there are tube traps, a Conibear trap #110, a device with a spring triggered loop, and a modern high-voltage electric trap.

1. Tube Squirrel-Traps. As I mentioned previously, there are some gopher and squirrel traps that can also be used. This is a deadly trap that has a spring-triggered, loop. You should cover the trap's cable noose, floor and soil before setting it. Customers reported that they caught grey squirrels in their attic. They set traps right at the entrance and captured them.


best squirrel trap

Comparative Chart With The Top Squirrel Tricks

Product type

Tube Squirrel Trap Torsion spring-type tube trap that is lethal, tube-type, deadly, 4.5”D and 15”L.

Havahart 0745 Squirrel Trap Metal, Live-Catch Trap Metal 17 x6 x6 Inches

Havahart 1025 2-Door Metal Squirrel Trap Metal live trap cage, 17.5x 5.8x7.3 inches Capt. Sure Plastic Live Trap Plastic living-catch trap measuring 11x 4.4x4.4 inches.

Rugged Ranch Squirrelinator Metal Live-Catch Cage Trap, 23.25x23.25x4 Inches

Duke No.110 Magnum Body Trap A Conibear-type lethal trap.

Modern lethal trap for squirrels that uses a 7000-volt electric shock to eliminate them


best squirrel trap

F.A.Q. F.A.Q.

Can I use poison baits?

No. No.

You want to trap squirrels?

Peanut butter, peanut butter, walnuts and corn are the best baits. A good choice is to also include slices of fruits.

What's the squirrel's preference in food?

Actually, they are not picky eaters. Other than fruits and nuts of every kind, squirrels enjoy cereals and sugary biscuits. Squirts are more comfortable choosing from different cereals. Scientific research shows how to trap a squirrel.

In addition to placing an attractant in your trap, it is important that you set the device correctly, following the instructions. A trap placed in an ideal location will ensure that it is successful.


best squirrel trap

What are the Best Squirrel Baits?

Common knowledge is that baited traps tend to work better than unbaited. However, as researchers have found out, this is the case not with all traps. According to a University of Nebraska-Lincoln state study, "Baiting foothold traps didn't significantly increase their efficiency but significantly decreased their selectivity." The recommended bait range for cage traps is orange slices, apple and shelled nuts. Tom Barnes, from the University of Kentucky says corn and sunflowers are among the top squirrel baits. Peanut butter may be the most effective bait to trap squirrels, according to others.

These squirrel baits can be found in most homes' kitchens. You can increase the attraction's effectiveness by purchasing a bait that is specifically made for squirrels. With a rating of 2.9 out of 5, Neogen 955 Squirrel Lure is rated 2.9.

This product is made from natural ingredients and essential oils as an additional attractant. This stuff is not like peanut butter or any other baits. It is compatible with all kinds of traps. However, many users have stated that this product is not suitable for their needs and will choose peanut butter. Purchase Now


best squirrel trap

How Do You Bait Squirrels

It should be placed approximately 6 inches above the ground to allow the smell to drift towards a squirrel. Scientists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension stress that the bait should be checked twice a day in the morning and in the evening.

You can get better results by prebaiting the live cage traps. The squirrels will get used to the cage as a source of food and will relax their guard. When you see that squirrels consume the baits regularly, set the trap and tie the fresh bait to the trigger with a string. This agile creature is known for stealing food.


best squirrel trap

Using Poisons In Squirrel Control

To kill tree squirrels of any kind, you must not use any poison baits. They aren't allowed to be killed by registered toxicants. You are not allowed to poison tree squirrels even when in the possession of a depredation permit.

However, you may resort to an alternative. Thomas G. Barnes of the University of Kentucky believes that chemical repellents are a good option to stop squirrels chewing on trees. Repellents are not able to eliminate all the damage done, but can help reduce it. The best ones include products based on Thiram.

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best squirrel trap

Squirrel Trap Bait

A variety of traps have been tried, but I found peanut butter to be the most effective. You can leave a trail with peanut butter and entice them to come in by putting peanut butter along the route. Also, peanut butter has been rolled into peanuts in a peanut butter ball to create peanut-coated peanut peanut butter. This is what they are able to eat within hours.

Squirrels can easily steal the bait and set off many traps. Squirrels are light, and it takes quite a bit to trip an animal trap.


best squirrel trap

Havahart Two Door Small Animal Trap

One of the smallest Havahart traps available, the two-door small animal trap says it's designed for catching squirrels, chipmunks, rats and weasels. The bait seems very familiar to the squirrels. However, they will not set off trap trips and smuggle the bait around every few days.

The trap must be set off simultaneously because it has two doors.

This makes it difficult to adjust and can be complicated to do so.

Since the bait's been stolen about a dozen times, I've read more instructions on this trap. The trap received positive reviews from almost everyone, with a few caveats. It had to be heavily modified to function, which included drilling through the trap's top in order to attach corn cob wire to the ceiling.

After greaseing the trip mechanism, they bent the trip bars so that it was a true hair trigger and would occasionally be set off by the wind. All these modifications took 20 minutes, each trap was set, the bait wired in, the hair trigger and the squirrel caught.

I don't think that is good enough. A squirrel as small and light can trigger this trap. The squirrel was not caught by this one, so it was never returned.


best squirrel trap

Havahart Small Animal Trap with One Door

Havahart extra small one-door small animal trap didn't fare any better. This one was placed on our flat roof just above the hole made by the squirrel in the wall.

You can see all the insulation that's collected next to it as the squirrel continues to excavate our walls. It's evident that there is peanut butter left behind from the trap trip and even more peanut smeared onto the trip.

The squirrel walks straight over the trip and grabs the peanut butter cookie.

Reviewers have also suggested some drastic modifications to traps, including wiring in bait, wrapping chopsticks around trap sides, greasing everything, and wiring them up to stop the squirrel from climbing onto the trap.

They all also mention the need for modifying the trigger mechanism. It's a simple hook that's pretty well attached to the top of the trap, and it takes a lot of force to trip the trap. Again, it'd take a pretty fat squirrel to set this thing off, and even our well-fed squirrels haven't set it off once.

After checking back, they have completely revised the door and trip mechanism for their squirrel trap. The new version, the Havaheart 0745 squirrel trap has nearly 2000 five-star reviews and I'm considering trialing that version in my next round.

Nonetheless, both Havahart traps I tried were useless for squirrels. I regularly use their medium-sized animal trap for raccoons breaking into the chicken coop or groundhogs in the garden and it works great.


best squirrel trap

The Best Squirrel Trap

The best squirrel trap I've tried to date is squirrelinator from rugged ranch products . There is no "trip" on this squirrel trap, just a one-way door that squirrels walk through and can't get out.

After I had placed a trail with peanuts in the trap, I sprinkled them all over it. After finding the entrance, the squirrel pushes its way through it and is finally trapped.

You can set the trap in less than 2 minutes. All you have to do is place the peanuts on its ground and give it a few peanuts. I had intended to put it in our garden to attract our house guest but he refused to buy the trap in that environment.

The ground is a better place for it to work. I put it on the floor of the woods about 50 feet from the house, and it catches at least one squirrel a day.

Occasionally, I've gone out to check the squirrelinator and found the bait missing. The bait was gone, and I began to wonder if some raccoon may have broken into the trap in order to get it. Although it is possible that this could have happened, you can easily fix the problem by attaching a board to the trap.

The raccoon was not the culprit, it was the nest's young squirrels. The babies "fledge" to become almost twice as large as the full-sized squirrels, although not quite. Once, I could see that one was caught in the trap. I then saw the small squirrel dive through the sidewire when I took the trap.

If I didn't see it 2 feet in front, I wouldn't believe it. It wasn't easy for him, he had to squirm and another millimeter bigger and he wouldn't have made it.